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My photographs are available as Giclée prints on request. I mostly use archival papers with pigmented inks, done by a high-end print lab specialised on museum- and exhibition prints. If you enquiry about any print, please be concise in separately describing the desired photographs (name of series/page, short description)

Which photographs can i order?
Because my photographs were shot with different cameras in different resolutions (and aspect ratios), not all photographs can be printed in large sizes (e.g. 100cm x 75cm or 100cm x 75cm). Some of the photographs maybe only available as 60x40cm or 60x45cm prints. Most photographs are available either in 4:3 or 3:2 aspect ratios. The available print sizes can be clarified upon request.

Orders for corporate or commercial use
Orders involving a larger batch of prints (i.e. 20 or more prints) can be also realised, and may also involve more customisation options in respect to the choice of papers and respective consultation in view of frame sizes, frame materials, etc.

Can I order frames with each print?
I usually refrain from offering my prints with frames (pine, ash, walnut, oak, birch wood frames with acrylic museum-type “glass”), because securely shipping frames is a huge hassle, involving plenty of packaging (increasing size and price) and prepping work.
For orders delivered within Germany, this may be negotiated case to case if the order is larger than 3 large prints.

Ordering frames as part of International orders
In the event any international order is requested involving 5 or more prints, the provision of frames can be negotiated and even then I may only provide these frames with advanced UV-resistant Museum-standard acrylic sheets (TrueVue, Plexiglas Museum… with lowered reflectivity, amongst other traits). Internationally shipping frames without risk of damage to the frame(s), the acrylic sheets and the media involves a significant amount of additional work and additional services, increasing the price considerably. I won’t offer real museum glass, because it shatters too easily.

How much does a large print (100x75cm / 39x30 inches) cost?
Depending on the choice of paper as well as choice of photograph (the latter has significance), and not considering shipping, a large Giclée print may cost between 300,- and 900,- EUR (approx. 330 to 1000 USD). Smaller prints may already go between 100EUR and 450 EUR, depending on the choice of photograph and edition volume.

Which papers are used for the Giclée prints?
I mostly use MediaJet and Hahnemühle papers, which are quite UV resistant and provide museum-quality color representation, brilliance and detail fidelity. A short overview in the following specs:

(1) MediaJet Artistline Museum White Smooth (Silk) 300g (made of 100% cotton, with a soft surface and subtle paper texture, very low ratio of optical brighteners, acid-free, ideal for long-lasting photo and fine-art reproductions)

(2) Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Pearl (320g) (pure cotton paper with an inkjet coating that has been optimised for FineArt applications. The natural white artists’ paper contains no optical brighteners, is acid free and is characterised by its slight warm shade of white.)
.. other high-end rag papers maybe available based on special requests or requirements.

Which inks are used for the Giclée prints?
Only UV-resistant genuine Epson pigment inks with lightfast colours are used for these prints, ensuring fine-art and archival standards when printed on fine art papers.

Margins / White Space
Margins can be added on request. White border framing forms a small white margin between the print and the frame itself. Please note that adding margins affects the suitable frame size / proportion.
Explanation: The extend of the margins / white space directly affects the dimensions of the frame, while prioritising the aspect ratio of the photograph. Example: A photograph with an aspect ratio of 4:3 would need to be cropped (absolutely!!! not recommended) under the condition that the intended frame is 60 cm by 45 cm (the white margin of 50mm is visible on each 4 sides of the print). Therefore the visible photograph print would be reduced to a size of 50x35cm, which now resembles a more narrow aspect ratio (not 4:3 any more; the printed photograph would have to be cropped in order to fit into the frame size). Unfortunately, this drastically changes the nature and quality of the photograph. Some people opt to adjust this proportionally with a different margin width left and right compared to top and bottom, but this solution may look unsatisfactory when mounted onto a wall.

Therefore upon enquiry it is crucial to first determine the print’s actual dimensions + intended margins, before purchasing or ordering a custom-made frame.

Specific payment information such as payment terms, price of the print and shipping will be provided upon serious enquiry only. Prices will be provided with VAT, payment will be accomplished via PayPal.

Information on refunds, returns
All prints and if specifically requested, also frames, are provided as custom-made by order, hence returns or refunds are not applicable.
If a wrong shipping address is provided, please take note that no change can be amended after shipping out the parcel. Therefore if an order cannot be delivered due to a wrongly provided/specified delivery address, you wont receive any return and will need to pay additional shipping fees for the re-shipping of the order to the correct delivery address. The delivery address will be listed

By purchasing a photographic print, the client expressly agrees to the following provisions:
  • When a print is sold, reproduction rights and other copyright rights are not included, nor conveyed or authorized by the sale and thus the client/customer obtains no such rights by virtue of the transaction.

  • When a print is sold, reproduction rights and other copyright rights are not included, nor conveyed or authorized by the sale and thus the client obtains no such rights by virtue of the transaction.

  • Risk and responsibility for any damage or loss of the print(s) are passed to the client upon the transfer of ownership.

  • The ownership of the print will be transferred to the client only if the full payment of the price stated on the invoice has been received.

  • In the case of a purchase delivered by hand, the transfer of ownership is concluded by the signature of the movement order sheet. In the case of a delivery, the transfer of ownership is concluded at the date listed on the delivery slip.

  • Once the ownership has been transferred, the client has 48 hours to report any potential defect of the print purchased. After this time, the print will be considered as being accepted as such by the client, and Stefan West will not accept any claim.

  • Photographic prints are inherently light sensitive and are therefore subject to natural processes that can change their appearance. These changes happen in the course of ordinary use and can manifest in various ways such as color shifts and fading, for which Stefan West cannot be held responsible.

  • To ensure a better conservation of the print, we advise the client to respect the usage rules in this area, notably not exposing the print to direct light, temperature changes, and to an incompatible humidity level. It is also recommended to frame the print with an anti-UV glass.

How are prints packaged and shipped?
The prints will be rolled in a dimension that doesn’t damage the paper fibre, print and surface integrity. Rolled prints are wrapped in a plastic bag/sleeve and are protected by a generally long corrugated cardboard box.
Multiple prints will be usually separated by thin acid-free Archival Tissue or Archival Paper, and then rolled accordingly.
Larger orders may be securely stacked between corrugated cardboard layers and sent out in a larger parcel format.

You may license my photos upon request and successful agreement. Please use the contact form and kindly also state the required usage specs. Any particulars of the licensing terms will be negotiated upon enquiry.

For enquiries in respect to print or licensing please get in touch.